Learning Up – How a BioTE® Medical seminar meant for doctors changed me

Sometimes we find the best stuff in places we least expect to find it. I recently attended a BioTE® Medical doctor training (I am not a doctor). It was filled with big words I didn’t understand and fancy acronyms to help me understand what I didn’t understand. As if that weren’t humiliating enough, the speakers were all medical doctors who had the equivalent of the entire alphabet in designations after their names. I felt unworthy. But, even with all the above-my-education-level terminology, I loved it. I stayed. I had fun and learned a ton. It stretched my current knowledge base and forced me to “learn up.”

The weekend seminar was all about the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT for short), specifically the BioTE® Method. But, when given the opportunity to learn something new from the best in the biz, I’m in. BioTE® uses bioidentical (natural) hormones that mimic the way our bodies naturally deliver hormones. Hormone production declines as we age. That may be “normal” but it is not “optimal.” Hormones affect every single cell in our bodies. When our hormone levels are at their highest – on average before age 30 – we can perform so many things better so why wouldn’t we want our hormones to be at the same levels they were at their peak?

BHRT is not new. It has been around since the 1930s. There is a mountain of data supporting its safety and efficacy. Even so, the medical community is somewhat divided due to two major factors: the pharmaceutical industry (affectionately known as “Big Pharma”) and ignorance.

Big Pharma makes its living off the sale of its pharmaceuticals. These are synthetic medications are expensive to make and they bring in huge profits. Competing with bioidentical remedies is a threat to their bottom line. It reminds of when I learned about ear candling and asked my doctor why more doctors didn’t tell their patients about it. He looked at me and said, “Because that would put the makers of antibiotics out of business.” Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is up against the same thing. But, c’mon, if given a choice between a synthetic drug and a natural one that is more effective and safer, who wouldn’t want the latter?

Ignorance is a bigger issue and is unacceptable with so much evidence-based data. There is too much data available to deny the benefits of BHRT. It protects the brain, breast, heart, and bones. It can give you more energy, better sleep, more mental clarity, less moodiness, and more. It just kinda makes you a more pleasant person to be around, too. Can’t hate that.

Dr. Gary Donovitz, the founder and CEO of BioTE® Medical teaches the BioTE® Method himself. He has experts like Dr. Neal Rouzier (the thyroid guy) and Dr. Derrick DeSilva (the nutracuticals guy) speak to the 100+ doctors in the room. Even they learned things they didn’t know.

And, I, who thought my BHRT had brought me to “optimized” discovered that my levels were actually low. I was so impressed with all I had learned that I made an appointment with my doctor before I left the room.

I had no idea I would learn so much on a topic about which I knew so little. Surprise! I got some extremely valuable information in the place I least expected – I shouldn’t have even been there, really. I left thinking that best kinds of seminars are the ones you never meant to attend. These can sometimes be the ones that change your life. This one changed mine.

Just for the optimized health of it,


BioTE® Medical providers are nationwide. For a provider near you, visit www.biotemedical.com




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