Follow Your Gut – the probiotic-health connection

Dr. Derrick DeSilva is a smart, witty, kind, educated, savvy internist. He is a nationally recognized television and radio host and he is an eloquent, articulate, captivating speaker. His expertise is in the broad area of nutraceuticals. He is a medical rockstar of sorts, but he has an evidence-based practice so he’s a legit rockstar. And, I take his advice seriously.

Recently, DeSilva spoke to a group of medical practitioners. Before he finished, he made sure that everyone knew and understood his #1 recommendation for better health: Probiotics. He is so convinced of the power of probiotics that he says, If you are breathing – that includes babies, kids, and adults – you need to be taking a daily probiotic.”

Why? Well, in short, it’s the good bacteria. It helps heal your gut and cuts inflammation – the root of so many medical conditions. Dr. DeSilva explained that probiotics do four big things:

  1. Probiotics keep the Immune system healthy. Between 60-70% of the immune system resides in the gut and probiotics keep the immune system loaded with the good bacteria to function properly.
  2. Probiotics aid in digestion. Dr. DeSilva helped develop BioTE® Medical’s probiotic. The capsule technology is different. The acid-stable capsule opens in the small intestine before it dissolves. This means that the viability of the probiotic organisms is between 60-70% vs. the 2-5% of other brands.
  3. Probiotics encourage elimination, Dr. DeSilva says straightforwardly and unapologetically, “After you eat, you gotta poop. If you don’t poop, you have a problem. You have to get rid of the bad nutrients that are left after the gut takes what it needs from food.” Probiotics help us poop with the regularity our bodies need to make sure we are getting rid of the leftovers.
  4. Probiotics make almost all of the B vitamins. B vitamins help convert food into fuel to keep our energy levels high and our bodies running.

As if that weren’t enough, probiotics also help a slew of other conditions like diaper rash, athlete’s foot, yeast Infections, diabetic rashes under the breast, acid reflux, and even acne. In fact, one dermatologist in the audience said he had taken Dr. DeSilva’s advice and started having his patients make a paste with probiotics to use on their acne. It was so successful that now he regularly prescribes it for his acne patients. How’s that for street cred? Bam!

Still, some skeptics retort with, “Probiotics don’t work for me. They either constipate me or give me gas.” DeSilva unequivocally says that means you are either dehydrated, eating the wrong food, and/or taking the wrong probiotic. So, drink more water, eat properly, and take the right nutraceuticals.

Before he ended his talk, DeSilva looked around the room and asked if there were any questions. One brave soul challenged him and asked, “Dr. DeSilva, are you really sure that we ALL need to be taking a probiotic?

No,” DeSilva say to the momentarily stunned amazement of everyone in the room. Then he added with conviction, “I’m positive.”

My gut instinct told me that he knew what he was talking about. So, yeah, I’m a fan now, a Dr. D. groupie. And, you probably already guessed that I am taking my BioTE® probiotic every day. After all, I’m breathing, aren’t I?

Just for the health of it,


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