21st Century Fitness – Optimizing every moment in and out of the gym

The 90s were hot for the gym market. In fact, I sold four clubs to a large, well known fitness company. Gyms were massive structures containing lots of mirrors, free weights, cardio machines, racquet ball courts, friendly staff members, regulation-sized basketball courts, yoga studios, spin classes, great music, group exercise classes, simulated golf-swing practice rooms, and non-gym amenities like cafes, pools, and spas. Members* could hire a trainer who’d design a personalized workout program, but most members paid a monthly fee and were on their own from there. That was then. This is now.

Today’s gyms are different – I know mine are. The 21st Century gym is still large and boasts first-class weights, machines, amenities, and staff. But, it has advanced in ways that help members maximize the overall results of their efforts in and out of the gym. Here’s what we are doing in my gyms:

  1. Technology. Handheld devices and apps have changed the world of fitness forever. Gym members have immediate access to nutritional data, body mass index (BMI) calculators, heart rates, tips, nudges, keep track of members’ progress, send out reminders, motivate, calendar item and keep track of exercise – you name it. It is available with a few finger taps. And, members are equipped to ask questions and to challenge beliefs. This can “up” everyone’s game.

From the administrative side, technology keeps gym teams connected to members. We text reminders and email all kinds of information; we forward blogs, take suggestions, answer questions, and post successes so others can get inspired. Technology is making for a great relationship between gyms and members.

  1. Nutrition. We know more about food than ever before. We have learned over the years that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to eating. Counting calories has been replaced with the right balance between carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Carbs and fats have been given a bad name but in the right proportions, they can improve results fast. Protein, is the zenith of muscle building yet may gym-goers still don’t understand the importance of consuming protein before and after their workouts.
  1. Training/Education. Personalized training may seem like a luxury, especially if you have just shelled out bucks for a membership. It can be the change that makes all the difference in results. A well trained, knowledgeable, up-to-date pro can educate you on the latest advances in the science of fitness. He or she gives ndividualized attention and that can help you break through limiting beliefs. This accountability can be the difference between being in “good shape” and “awesome shape.”
  1. Hormone Optimization. This may be the biggest change of all in the 21st Century gym. I have understood the hormone-health connection for a long time. For decades, I believed what I had always been taught about them. I knew that they naturally declined with age. My levels were low from a very young age and I was told I could boost mine a little with synthetics (which I did) but would probably suffer the adverse side effects (which I did). No more.

This year, I learned the difference between “normal hormone levels for your age” and “optimized hormones.” I discovered BioTE® Medical’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). It has changed my belief about hormones and it has improved my life. Hormone optimization helps people gain the maximum benefits from your fitness and nutrition.

The 21st Century gyms – my gyms – integrate these components into our health and fitness philosophy. My trainers are working to ensure that individualized training sessions include the “hormone” talk. Trainers are helping our members understand the importance of hormone optimization in helping them reach and sustain their health and fitness goals. Long term.

The gym of the future is here. People’s gym workouts are better and more effective than ever. Gyms have always tried to offer ways for members to benefit from their time in them. The 21st Century gym goes 10 steps farther. We are working to help our members maximize every moment in the gym while optimizing every moment outside of it, as well.

Here’s to a Better You,

Larry North

Host of the Larry North “Better You” radio show

CBS KRLD 1080 am

Sundays 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Central Time

Listen wordwide at www.radio.com

or join the show by calling 214.787.1080

*It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. And, getting your hormone levels optimized with BioTE® can be an important factor in your overall health.

BioTE® Medical practitioners are nationwide. For a provider near you, visit www.biotemedical.com

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