The Pat Hines Journey Continues: Shark Attack!

Pat is an endurance athlete who broke a world record in 2016 for the oldest woman (she’s 62) to complete the Great Pacific Race, a 2,400-mile trans-Pacific rowing competition from California to Hawaii. She and her crewmate were also the fastest pair to cross the Pacific by any two- or four-women team.

There are many threats during an ocean row: high waves, wind, rain, the current, and technical malfunctions. But, sharks are supposed to stay in the water, right? Not necessarily.

Pat may have thought she was hallucinating when she turned around and saw a shark pop up on the side of her boat but she wasn’t.

Early into the Great Pacific Race, a thresher shark made his presence clearly known by ramming the side of her 22-foot rowboat. The dance went on for over three and a half hours, in the middle of the night no less. But Pat was resolute. The shark finally grew tired of getting nowhere and swam off to find easier prey.

Most people may have panicked and “lost it” out there in the darkness and silence in the middle of nowhere, but not Pat. “I was calm because I knew I was ready. I had trained hard physically and mentally. I felt strong. I was prepared. And, I had my secret weapon: BioTE®.”

There was much more to come and Pat met every challenge with the confidence and strength of a true champion.

That shark never had a chance.

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