The Gift of Love – Rethinking the Perfect Valentine’s Day Prezzie

Flowers, lavish jewelry, fancy restaurants, luxurious clothes, and expensive vacations – these used to be the most coveted items on my ‘wanted-gifts” list. It was with little hesitation I would hint at how happy I would be to receive any one of them as a present, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Not any more.

But these days, those things don’t even register. Now, I would rather give from my heart and receive for my health. Things I give can rarely be purchased and things I want are more priceless than jewels. I want to be well enough to do the things on my bucket list, strong enough to keep up with ones I love, and mentally alert enough to understand and participate in meaningful conversations and keep up with current events.

As I have navigated through the stages of life, I have experienced the symptoms associated with aging – that slow, downward spiral into the abyss… Not one to go gracefully into that dark night, I had to find a way to maintain the youthfulness I had been able to hold onto before I began to lose my grip.

What gift could actually help there? BioTEÒ. It was my husband who “gave” me this gift. I’m not sure if he did it for his own sanity or mine. He gave me “BioTEÒ.”

BioTEÒ Medical’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has changed my life. I’m stronger, leaner, more energy, higher libido, greater mental clarity, better sleep, less stress, and a higher quality of life. Tiny little pellets, inserted under my skin, release hormones, as I need them – no more, no less. This keeps my levels optimized without fluctuations that other therapies can create. And, BioTEÒ protects the brain, bones, breast, and of course, the heart! I am happier. Life is better. I am really feeling the love!

You know, a bigger gift is not always a better gift; more expensive isn’t always nicer. For me, the perfect gift came in a tiny little BioTEÒ pellet the size of a grain of rice and it was filled with a whole lotta love.

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